2021-2022 Calendar





August Membership Registration     
August Welcome Back to School     
September   Nominations for  APOY & POY     
September 8 Executive Board Meeting @ Green Canyon High School 9 a.m.     
September 8 Legislative Council (Virtual)    
October  APOY and POY Finalist Selections     
October 7 UASSP Secretary Conference @ Thankgsiving Point     
October 9  UASSP Middle School Conference     
October 25 Executive Board Meeting @ Northridge High School 8:30 a.m.     
November  APOY and POY Interviews     
November 10 UASSP Assistnat Pricincipal Conference @ Thanksgiving Point     
November 18 Executive Board Meeting @ Canyon View Junior High     
December  APOY and POY Announcements     
December 9 Executive Board Meeting @ TBA    
Janruay  Legislative Council    
January 23 Executive Board Meeting @ TBA     
January 24-26  UASSP Mid Winter Conference @ Dixie Center in St George     
January 29  UASC  Middle School Conference     
February 17  Executive Board Meeting @ North Sevier High School 9 a.m.     
March  Nominations For Executive Board     
March 17  Executive Board Meeting @ Landmark High 9 a.m.     
April  Final Ballot for Executive Board     
April 21 Executive Board Meeting @ Landmark High 9 a.m.     
May Final Announcements Executive Board     
May  High School Graduations    
June 7-9 UASSP Summer Conference @ Sheridan Hotel Park City     
June 10 Executive Board Meeting @ Sheridan Hotel Park City     
July  NASSP Conference     
July  UASSP Executive Board Retreat