Conference Presenters


UASSP Secretary Conference 2018 Presenters 

Assistant Principal Conference


Mid-Winter Conference 2019 Presenters 

January 28-30th 2019
Presenters TBA

Summer Conference 2018 Presenters

  • Dr. Hank Smith "The Anatomy of High Trust Schools"  Hank has been published in journals and books around the world. His article, "Trust at Ground Zero: Trust and Collabroation within the Professional Learning Community" was recently featured in the bestselling international book "Trust and School LIfe"
  • Dr. Rick Jeeter "Escaping the School Leaders Dunk Tank" This session will tackle adversity in the education and prevailing a a leader by knowing: 
    • ​Which emotional driving forces may be triggering your adversary's negative behaviors. 
    • How to recognize the most common tactics used against school leaders or other educators. 
    • Why building positive relationships is important to your survival.
    • What you may be doing to hurts others' careers...or even your own.
    • How to redefine yourselt and reclaim your life and career at any time. 
  • Dan Kelly, NASSP President 
  • Whitney Phillips, Ph.D. Chief Privacy Officer Utah State Board of Education "Data Privacy Essentials for Principals" 
  • POY & APOY Presentations
    • ​Dale Wilkinson, Ben Lomond High School Principal of the Year  After 30 years as a teacher and Principal at the elementary, middle and high school levels there is much to consider about the blessings and challenges of being an educator.
      Join me for a reflection of why we do what we do . 
    • Dixie Garrison, West Jordan Middle, Middle School Principal of the Year will present on how Growth Mindset has transformed the teachers, students and community of West Jordan Middle. How to go from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive and create Mindful Learners. Initiatives include Mindful Moments, Brain Breaks, After-school Programs and Flex-time Enrichments. She will also share the positive impact of Standards-Reference Grading and Inclusion practices on the learning process.
    • Sandra LeCheminant Albion Middle School, Middle School Assistant Principal of the Year will present on the challenge of keeping current once you take on the multi-faceted challenge of being an assistant principal. She will address ways in which to be a vital instructional leader, mediator, politician, healer, comedian, researcher, coach, security guard, detective, lion tamer, and survivor!
  • Brandon Callor, State Medical Examiner Suicideolgist