Conference Presenters


UASSP Secretary Conference 2018 Presenters 

Dr. Hank Smith   Dr. Smith has been published in journals and books around the world. His article, "Trust at Ground Zero: Trust and Collaboration within the Professional Learning Community" was recently featured in the bestselling international book "Trust and School Life" He is an energetic, humorous and motivational speaker.  He presented at the UASSP Summer conference to the Secondary Principals and Assistant Principals.

Tami Pyfer was appointed by Governor Herbert as his Education Policy Advisor in January of 2014 and continues to serve in that capacity. Previously she served for four years on the State School Board. She was elected chair in 2013. She has a great story to share with the Secretaries of UASSP. Tami was presented the UASSP "Outstanding Educator Award" for her dedication to the students of Utah in 2017. 

Alissa Parker, Alissa is a co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools and the mother of Emilie Parker, one of the 20 children who died tragically in the Sandy Hook School Shootings on December 14, 2012.  In the wake of the tragedy, Alissa was moved to engage parents in securing the safety of their children in school. She became an active member of the Newtown Public Schools’ Safety Committee and has become passionate about school security and safety, traveling, listening and learning in school communities across the United States.

Assistant Principal Conference 2018 Presenters
November 8th 2018 
Amy Iverson, Deseret News Reporter and Broadcast Columnist 
Heather Stewart, Attorney General's Office...Services through Children Justice Center.
Jennifer Hamilton, Family Crimes & Interventions Coordinator and Child Advocate, Sandy City Youth Court.

Mid-Winter Conference 2019 Presenters 
January 28-30th 2019

Salome Thomas-EL is an award-winning teacher and principal, and internationally recognized speaker and educator. Principal EL believes that resilient leaders make courageous decisions, take risks, and challenge the status quo. They are able to bounce back from adversity to become innovative and transformational to ensure all teachers and students achieve their dreams, no matter the odds. Transformational leaders shift mindsets and inspire others to effect change. In his thought-provoking presentations, Principal EL shares how we can change school cultures and foster a positive school climate, so teachers and leaders can focus on the protective processes that build resilience in all our students. 

Dr. Jeffrey Zoul is a lifelong teacher, learner, and leader, currently serving as Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning with Deerfield Public Schools District 109 in Deerfield, Illinois.  Dr. Zoul is also the author of several books relating to education published by Eye On Education in New York. His books include Improving Your School One Week at a Time: Building the Foundation for Professional Teaching and Learning. Principled Principal and The 4 CORE Factors for School Success, co-authored with Dr. Todd Whitaker. Jeff has also served as an adjunct professor at North Georgia College and State University, teaching graduate level courses.

Bob Sonju is a executive director of learning and development for Washington County School District and a former adjunct professor of education at Dixie State University in Utah 

Breakout Sessions 

McKinley Withers, Wellness Specialist, Jordan School District

The Happy School Project:  Tools for Centering Your School on Individual Well Being

Michael Hughes, Assistant Principal, West Hills Middle School, “Golden Gate Movement:  Teaching Soft

Skills and Helping the Disenfranchised”

Kim Baker and Casey Dupart, USBE Student Support

Is there a Silver Bullet When Providing Interventions to All Students?

Darren Perkes, Teacher Green Canyon High School

How to Make the Transition to High School Meaningful For Students

Natalie Gordon, School Children TRUST Specialist USBE

Principals and the School TRUST Program:  $74 million distributed this year.  Learn new rules allowing expenditures on behavioral interventions

David Smith, Education Leadership Specialist USBE

Utah Principal Partnership Network (PPN) Designed to Examine Problems of Practice with Your Peers

Rod Belnap, CTE Director Weber School District

Using CTE (Career and Technical Education) as a Springboard to School Improvement. Come and Learn how efficient and effective development of CTE programs can do more than just provide elective credit…they are a launch-pad to school improvemen


Summer Conference 2019 PresentersTBA