Conference Presenters

Summer Conference 2019 Presenters

Collin Kartchner, "Fighting Social Media's Influence on Teen Mental Health"

Dr. Akil Ross, NASSP Principal of the Year 2017. "Empowering Minds and Leading Hearts" 

Brian McCann, NASSP Digital Principal of the Year 2018

Clint Pulver, "Excellence Re-Defined, The Ultimate Experience to Engage, Retain and Inspire Your People" 

Sydnee Dickson, Utah State Superintendent

Luke Rasmussen, UASSP High School Principal of the Year "Creating a Relationship Based Culture for Student Success"

Kalyn Gubler, UASSP Middle School Principal of the Year "Cringe, Cry, Quit, Carry-on, Social and Emotional Learning" 

Shane Jones, UASSP Assistant Principal of the Year " A Systematic Approach to Building School Culture


UASSP Secretary Conference 2019 Presenters tba

Assistant Principal Conference 2019 Presenters tba

Mid-Winter Conference 2020 Presenters tba