UASSP Executive Board 2019-2020

Finalist for the UASSP Executive Board for 2019-2020

UASSP President Elect 

Luke Rasmussen
Ogden High School/Ogden 

Biographical Sketch:

Early in life, Luke Rasmussen knew that he wanted to be an educator. After graduating from Weber State University where he attended on football scholarship, Luke wanted to give back and pursued a career in teaching and coaching. His first teaching assignment was teaching troubled youth in Davis School District and coaching football. Luke’s 9 years spent working with troubled youth were some of the most rewarding experiences of his career. During his 9 years working with troubled youth, Luke completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Curriculum followed by a Master’s Degree in Administration and Supervision. Luke then spent three years as an Assistant Principal at Northridge High School followed by four years as the Principal at Northridge High School. Luke developed lifelong relationships in Davis County and loved his time there. Luke is currently in his third year as the Principal at Ogden High School where he has had the opportunity to work with a diverse student population and to use the skills he has developed to positively impact achievement in Ogden School District. Ogden High School has increased its graduation rate nearly 13% under Luke’s leadership. Luke was also named UASSP 2019 Principal of the Year.


I am passionate about supporting our organization and helping administrators be the best they can be. As an attendee of our summer and winter conferences over the past 9 years, I have grown to greatly appreciate UASSP and what it stands for; it is a great organization. This organization is our voice as administrators. We need to continue to grow and strengthen our membership. We need to promote the things we believe in. I look forward to helping further UASSP’s mission of recognizing, promoting, and enhancing the leadership of Utah's Secondary School Administrators. It would be an honor to serve as the Intermediate High School Representative of our great organization.

UASSP Small High School Representative

Trevor Powell,
Gunnison Valley High School/South Sanpete 

Biographical Sketch: 

Trevor Powell was born and raised in Lehi, Utah.  He earned his Bachelor's degree from Utah State University in Business/Marketing Education.  He earned his Masters degree from the University of Phoenix in Educational Counseling. He earned his Administration Endorsement from Southern Utah University. Trevor has spent 25 years at Gunnison Valley High School, as a teacher, assistant principal, and currently as principal.

I would like to serve on the board of the UASSP to offer any insights from my experiences as an administrator and also be able to serve those who lead other schools.

Jade Shepherd, North Sevier High School/ Sevier


UASSP Large Middle School Representative


Chadli Bodily
Legacy Jr. High School/ Davis 

Biographical Sketch:

Chadli Bodily started her career in education in 2002 as a teacher at her alma mater, Clearfield High School. During that time she taught US History, Civics, Journalism and the Student Internships / Work Based Learning class. After a few years of teaching she was approached to direct the Smaller Learning Communities grant; working with this grant triggered her desire to go into administration. In 2010 she received a Master of Education in Administration from Grand Canyon University and began her administrative career at Farmington Junior High School in Davis School District. She has since had the opportunity to at Sunset Junior High to assist in their movement to a 5x5 schedule and Viewmont High School as the Assistant Principal over curriculum and professional development. She has been the principal of Legacy Junior High in Layton, Utah since July, 2016 and has loved working with the students, staff, and community.

Why I am interested in serving:

My passion is education and those who know me will say that I am also passionate about sharing my opinion about education. I believe the most important aspect of educational leadership is to provide meaningful professional development for those who educate and to be willing to get things done (and done well). I believe it is important for principals to be well versed in educational research, innovative in our educational approach, and willing to lead out in our practice. It is essential that we are the example of what we expect from teachers and leaders. This example and initiative will enhance leadership, build community, and allow us to support educational goals alongside state and national policy makers. Furthermore, it will encourage these stakeholders to be eager to support us!

Peter Glahn,
Timberline Middle School 

Biographical Sketch:

Peter Glahn is in his fourth year as Principal of Timberline Middle School in Alpine. He was the UASSP Assistant Principal of the Year in 2015 at Mountain View High School. Before entering administration, he taught history, sociology, and geography and coached basketball and track. He has visited schools in Portugal and China and believes that peer to peer learning in our own state is a powerful way to grow and learn. He got into education to positively influence young people and has found that to do that, you have to be able to influence older ones too. When not at work, he likes to spend time with his wife Marie, a life skills teacher, and their three children, Gracie, Daniel and Maggie.

Serving on the UASSP Board would give me the opportunity to work and learn alongside people that I admire. I would like to be able to link great educators to others outside of their own districts and strengthen school networks. I would also love to ensure great professional experiences for everyone in UASSP.

UASSP Assistant Principal High School Representative 

Joanna Richins
Northridge High School/ Davis

Biographical Sketch:

I have been an educator in Davis School District for 21 years, 19 of which has been at the high school level. I have been a teacher, high school counselor and am currently an assistant principal at Northridge High School in Layton, Utah

I appreciate the UASSP as a valuable professional organization for school principals. I would be an advocate of the UASSP to provide the best professional development for educational leaders. As many districts in our state move toward individualized education and more Social Emotional Learning, my experience as a classroom teacher and school counselor make me uniquely qualified to advocate for professional development in both of these areas in the UASSP."


Troy Coil
Millcreek High School/ Washington 

Biographical Sketch:

My name is Troy Coil. I have been in Education for 25 years, 12 of those years being in Administration.  I am grateful for all the experiences I have encountered in my career, and I am stunned at how fast it all goes.  

My experience in the Educational field has been pretty widespread, as I have taught at multiple levels in five schools, been an administrator in three schools, and held a Head Basketball coaching position for twelve years.  In my time as an educator, I have made lifelong friends and fostered several relationships, allowing me to expand my professional network.  
While schools in Utah can usually fit into generalized categories, each are still unique and face individual challenges.  I believe that my range of experience acknowledges my ability to work with populations of various size and demographic.  Currently, I am serving as Vice Principal at Millcreek High School, an alternative high school in the Washington County School District.  This experience specifically has given me a new perspective as I have been able to work with at-risk students and their parents who face additional socioeconomic and emotional challenges.    
In addition to being directly in the school, I have served on several state committees, including the UHSAA Athletic Directors' Executive Committee, the UHSAA Executive Committee, and I am now finishing my current term with the UASSP Executive Committee. These experiences have provided me with even more opportunities to meet people, working together to address educational concerns in the state of Utah.

UASSP Specialty School Representative 

Lynn Mecham
Landmark High School/ Nebo

Biographical Sketch:

This is my 29th year in education.  I have taught elementary school, been a counselor at the Jr. High level, been an assistant principal at the middle, jr, and high school level, been a principal at the high school level, and the supervisor of transportation.  Currently I am working as Principal at Landmark High School Nebo School District's alternative high school.  My wife and I have 7 children and 7 grandchildren.  

I want to serve on the UASSP board to represent the alternative schools in Utah.  Alternative schools serve a unique position in education and we need support from our leaders to truly help our students reach their potential. 

Kris Packer
Polaris West High School/ Alpine 

Biographical Sketch:  


Kristopher Packer is the Principal of the new Polaris West High School in Alpine School District.   He has been in secondary school administration for the past 11 years (Westlake High, Lehi High). During this time, he has been involved in school improvement planning, testing, graduation, and steering committees.  Prior to educational leadership, Kris was a visual arts teacher and coach at Timpanogos and Mountain View High Schools for 17 years. Kris received his BFA degree from Brigham Young University in Painting and his M.Ed degree from the University of Utah in Educational Leadership/Policy.  Kristopher has served for 11 years on State Accreditation Teams and Lead Evaluator positions. Upon his current assignment acceptance, Mr. Packer said, “I am excited and honored to be a part of the Polaris community. Each student has needs and the desire to succeed. My goal is for students to feel I care and will help them reach their full potential.  I look forward to working with all Alpine students to prepare them for college and/or career.”










Utah Association of Secondary School Principal Executive Director Vacancy Application

Utah Association of Secondary School Principal Executive Director Vacancy Application