Legislative Council 2023 – 24

David CluffMillford HSBeaver
Jo Lynn FordALCNebo
Shauna HaneyOgden HighOgden
Kayce May-RichesGreen River HSEmery
James MaughanOquirrh Hills MSJordan
Brenda McCannUnion Middle SchoolCanyons
Tyrel MikesellMountain GreenMorgan
Philip MorrisGreen Canyon HSCache
Asa NielsenOrem Junior HighAlpine
Legislative Council Responsibilities

“Connect and Communicate”

  1. You represent the UASSP membership. You must be a member of UASSP
    and NASSP to qualify as a legislative council member. You are appointed
    by the Executive Board to be a liaison to the members of UASSP in your
    region. You will be meeting with the Executive Board at least twice a year.
  2. Collaborate with Executive Board members and other Legislative Council
    members to determine the Legislative priorities for UASSP.
  3. Connect with Legislators and State board members in your area and
    establish a meaningful, working relationship.
  4. Communicate concerns and priorities to Legislators and State board
    members in your area.
  5. Keep updated on education bills and priorities with state education and
    political leaders.
  6. Mentor other principals and administrators in the state of Utah to “connect
    and communicate” with their local legislators.
  7. Since you are representing the secondary administrators in Utah, when
    communicating with legislators and board members, you CAN use your
    school email.
  8. Stay in contact with Todd Quarnberg (UASSP State Representative) and
    Rhonda Bromley (UASSP Executive Director) about educational and
    legislative issues and concerns.
    Todd – todd.quarnberg@jordandistrict.org
    Rhonda – rhonda.bromley@uassp.org
    *Since you serve as a Legislative member, you will only need to pay half
    price for the summer and mid-winter conferences during the time that you